No Apologies is suitable for (large) groups of youngsters from eleven to eighteen, both in primary and secondary school and also for youth groups from churches and other associations. As No Apologies is modular and consists of a variety of (interactive) methods and activities, the program can be tailor-made to each of these groups.

The program is also suitable for youth in special education groups. They will benefit from their own resistance to peer pressure and risky behaviour.

Target Group

No Apologies helps youngsters to discover valuable facts and principles regarding the different themes. A quiz, game, discussion, multimedia, role-play, object lesson and such, will start giving the youngsters a first impression. Through interactive conversation, challenges, or other processes, the No Apologies trainer will help youngsters to organize their thoughts. In this way the youngsters form their own opinion. The program focusses on physical, emotional, social and cognitive factors. Doing this in an interactive way the yought is actively involved and motivated.


No Apologies is an internationally registered program, originating from the USA (Focus on the Family).

No Apologies is coordinated by their own team, for the Netherlands and troughout Europe.

  1. -Youth know that they are valuable and unique;

  2. -Youth know the elements and the value of a strong character;

  3. -Youth know the charasteristics of healthy relationships;

  4. -Youth are ready to resist peer pressure and the temptation of risky behaviour;

  5. -Youth are motivated to a healthy lifestyle;

  6. -Parents, teachers and youth workers understand the current youth culture;

  7. -Parents, teachers and youth workers are able to encourage youngsters to make healthy choices;

  8. -Youth, parents, teachers and youth workers have an understranding of moral awareness, moral consience and moral action.

No Apologies has a Christian identity wich determines the moral values of the program. Society benefits from healthy moral values as respect and integrity, as these are important features. We believe that we can give added value to these characteristics through our identity. No Apologies sees every person as being unique and valuable and therefore more than worthwhile to make morally responsible choices.



Donations can be made to IBAN: NL40 INGB 0009075493 from No Apologies in Westmaas the Netherlands. KvK 72849207