No Apologies® is a character building program, for youngsters aged eleven to eighteen to give them understanding about moral awareness, moral conscience and moral action. They are challenged to think about themselves, their environment and the choices they make.

Morally resilient

Morally resilient means you can, when there is a moral dilemma, think of the good and healthy choices you have and are able to do the right thing.

No Apologies deals with the themes, image, friendship, (social) media, risk behaviour and sexuality.

The program helps youngsters to discover how they can be morally resilient. This means that they stand firm and are able to get back up (balance), when they have fallen into discouragement and adversity. No Apologies has developed a specific model for this.

No Apologies is kept up to date by continuous research on relevant decelopments in the youth culture.

Schools, healthcare, youth workers, teachers, parents,

careers and of course youngsters themselves are involved

in these developments. In order to achieve an integrated approach, the focus is also on the social context, networks and research of the target group (teenagers).


Donations can be made to IBAN: NL40 INGB 0009075493 from No Apologies in Westmaas the Netherlands. KvK 72849207