Youngsters are often concerned with how they are seen by others. In this module youngsters will become aware of their own environment and their ‘image’. What do they find important, what interests do they have. Also they gain insight into the development during puberty. The main message of this module is:  You are unique, you are important! 

module 1: Image

Friendships are essential in the life of a human being. Youngsters discover the features in this module and the value of good and healthy friendships. The emphasis is on the development of character. The main message of this module is: a good friend is essential!

module 2: Friendships
module 3: Media
No Apologies exists of the following 6 Modules
module 5: Sexuality

These modules have a logical structure and are closely related to each other. All modules are sequenced in an uniterupted working period of at least 10 (educational) hours. For schools that will be two consecutive days between Monday and friday, for youth clubs that usualy will be in the weekend on Friday (afternoon / evening) and Saturday. In mutual agreement this time format is subject to change, for example for special education.

Making a good choice, despite temptation and peer pressure, depens on the resiliency of a person. Youngsters experience how they can be resilient. They are aware of the group process and their own development. Also they discover that you can be restored after having made a wrong choice. The main message of this module is: Be resilient, go for it!!

module 6: Resilience

Bullying, gamen, smoking, drinken alcohol, anorexia, bulimia, and using drugs are forms of behavior wich youngsters are confronted with. Curiosity, peer pressure or problems, are possible reasons for them to get involved into these kind of behaviors. The themes one will choose from this module will depend on the needs of the group. Youngsters are discovering both the reasons for and consequences of risky behavior. In addition, they expecience the importance of selfcontrol. The main message of this module is: Control yourself: say ‘no’ to risky behavior!

module 4: Risk behavior

Sexuality is a hot topic amoungst youngsters. In this

module No Apologies shall emphasize the social and

emotional side of sexuality. Youngsters are discovering

the substantial differences between boys and girls, They

will also get to understand the characteristics of healthy and

unhealthy relationships. The main message of this module is:

Sexuality is precious. Save it!

Media plays a large role in everyday life. In this module the youngsters discover how the media influences them and are asked to analyze their own media use. Also it teaches youngsters how to use the media wisely. The main message of this module is: the media influences you and society!



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