No Apologies is given by competent trainers. After selection they are trained in the basics of No Apologies under supervision they have done a try-out. Trainers constantly develop due to intervision, coaching en continuation-training.  No Apologies trainers have heart for youngsters and are authentic. (practice what you preach)

No Apologies-trainer

Important profile characteristics of the No Apologies-trainer are: - Heart and passion for youngsters

  1. -Authenticity

  2. -Morely responsible awereness, conscience and acting

  3. -Christian life vision

Join in

No Apologies is searching for people with heart and passion for youngsters who want to get involved as No Apologies-trainer. If you are interested, please contact us.



Donations can be made to IBAN: NL40 INGB 0009075493 from No Apologies in Westmaas the Netherlands. KvK 72849207